Simulation African Black Baby 35cm Afro Reborn Doll

Color: Green
Size: 35cm
Sale price$16.98


Support: Like a real child, accompany you or support your child's growth so that you are no longer alone. The rebirth doll will not get sick or die, you do not need to bear too much pressure, she or he will always be with you.
Art collection: Become a beautiful doll in the art collection.
Photography props: can be used as photography props, backgrounds, backgrounds for children's photos, props for friends and kids, to make your photos more beautiful.
Size: about 13.78 inches / 35 cm. Actual baby size. (Measured by hand, there is a size error of 2-3cm)
Head: The head simulates the actual baby size, very cute;
Hair: The hair sticks to the head like a baby’s real hair and mohair. It is hand-made and has the characteristics of implantability, high fidelity, washable and combable; the hair can be of any shape and can be washed;
Body material: the head and 3/4 limbs are made of silicone material, and the body is made of cotton, which is very soft and comfortable;
Fabric: As shown in the picture, you can wear beautiful fabrics;
Nails: completely hand-painted nails, red and translucent nails on the nail bed, and even some nails are milky white and half moon-shaped.
Package includes: 1 black baby toy

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