Plush lion brown XXL

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Bring wild life into your child's room with our plush lion XXL, a cuddly toy with its realistic details and impressive appearance! The lion is ideal as a hug companion or as a realistic decorative piece. It has very detailed features from the tip of its tail to its paws and the foam mold of the head gives it a realistic shape. The high quality plush makes it soft and comfortable to the touch. With attention to detail and excellent quality construction, this plush toy will add an exotic touch to any environment.
  • Brown color
  • Material: fabric
  • Overall dimensions: 138 x 39 cm (W x H)
  • Body length: 90 cm
  • Length of the tail: 48 cm
  • Height (from the top of the head): 34 cm
  • Tolerance on the size: +/- 2 cm
  • Material: Polyester: 100%

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