Fitness Stair Stepper Cardio Sport Fitness Stepper Machine with LCD Monitor Resistance Bands

default: Fitness Stair Stepper Cardio Sport Fitness Stepper Machine with LCD Monitor Resistance Bands
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Maximum Load




Electronic Meter Power Supply

1 x Battery (not included)

Pedal Height

10cm~31cm / 3.94"~12.20"


35.5x35.5cm / 13.98"x13.98"


● HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: The overall design product is beautiful and elegant, very beautiful.
● LCD MONITOR: Monitor displays your Time, Calories, Count, and Scan, you will be able to see your results to keep you motivated.
NON-SLIP PEDALS: Textured non-slip oversized foot pedals to ensure safety of your vigorous workouts.
● BALANCE: This stepper with resistance bands has Handle Bars to help keep you balanced while you step. Great for beginners who are new to the stepping world.
● EXERCISE: Simulated mountaineering, allowing you to achieve the effects of mountaineering as you like. Aerobic exercise enhances heart and lung function and has a more bodybuilding effect.

Pressing the red button or using the stepper will start the LCD screen. Press the red button to select 4 functions (Frequency, Time, Calories, Scanning). The small arrow on the LCD screen will show which function is being used.
1. Scanning: In this state, the LCD screen will automatically display the Frequency (times / minute), Time, and Calories for 4 seconds each.
2. Time: From 0-99 minutes and 55 seconds.
3. Calories: Accumulate calorie consumption during exercise, this is only a reference value.
4. Frequency (times / minute): The cumulative number of steps per minute, the rate of steps per minute.
5. Times: Display the total number of sports.
6. Red button: Various functions can be selected. If you continue to press for 3 seconds, all values will return to zero and restart calculation.
7. Automatic shutdown: If you stop exercising for 2 minutes, the LCD screen will automatically shut down to enter the power saving mode, the sports data will not disappear, and the statistics will be based on the previous data when you exercise again.

Steps for usage:
1. Please place the exercise machine on a flat and stable ground. It is recommended to place a blanket under it to prevent damage to the ground due to long-term use of the exercise machine.
2. Standing on the ground behind the exercise machine, place your left foot completely on the left foot pedal and step down until it touches the bottom and stops.
3. Put the right foot completely on the right foot pedal.
4. Start stepping exercises slowly at a slow rhythm and gradually become familiar with the unique stepping laws of the exercise machine. If you want to adjust the resistance of the pedal, please get off the sports machine first, and then adjust the knob or resistance control lever.

* The maximum weight of the user is 100KG.
* The exercise machine should be placed and used on a flat and stable ground. If necessary, put a fabric under the machine to protect your floor or carpet. Please check this product carefully before each use.
* Please wear appropriate clothes during exercise to avoid being pulled into the machine with wide clothes, which will hinder or hinder the movement.
* If you have any chest pain, breathlessness, arrhythmia, shortness of breath, dizziness, or other discomfort during exercise, stop exercising immediately and consult your doctor before continuing.
* Please do warm-up exercise before use.
* When the hydraulic cylinder is used continuously for 20 minutes, use it after the hydraulic cylinder cools down. Do not touch the hydraulic cylinder after use.

Package included:

1 x Stepper With Rope
1 x English User Manual

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