Fitness Pulley Cable Machine System

Size: S
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Length of wire rope

S: 1.4cm

M: 1.8cm

L: 2cm

XL: 2.5m


Forearm training device material: made of strong steel, environmentally friendly plastic and strong steel wire rope. The heavy-duty steel structure ensures that it will not break and slip during heavy foot training, making them more resistant and safe during training.

Low noise: In order to prevent exercise from disturbing roommates or neighbors, the guide wheels of the high puller tension cable are equipped with particularly high-quality ball bearings to ensure low noise and clean operation of the cable.

Builds forearm strength, wrist strength and flexibility and increased hand strength.    

Suitable for all fitness and skill levels.

Package included:

3 x Carabiner

1 x Double Layer Lanyard

1 x Heavy Duty Handle

1 x Tricep Strap

1 x Mut Pulley Block

1 x Wire Rope

1 x Heavy Duty Loading Strap

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