Air Inflatable Pillow Cervical Neck Head Traction Support Brace Pain Relief Device

default: Air Inflatable Pillow Cervical Neck Head Traction Support Brace Pain Relief Device
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Product Name: Neck Traction Pillow
Type: Brace/Orthosis
Texture: Soft
Body Part: Cervical, Neck
Intended Use: Neck Brace
Features: Air Inflatable
Size: approx.24 x 19cm
Color: Blue
Material: PVC and flannelette
Qty: 1pc

Light weight and easy to use.
Comfortable and non-threatening.
Adjustable universal size for most man and woman.
Treat your pain at Home, the Office, or even on a Road Trip, It’s soft, lightweight and small enough to fit in your suitcase, car or backpack.
Application: People who spend long time on the computers, cars.
This comfortable and easy to use neck cervical traction device elongates neck muscles, often resulting in rapid and prolonged relief from the soreness and irritation that accompanies cervical problems.

Suitable for:
Reducing neck, shoulder, and back pain while working, studying, driving, etc.
Helps to avoid motions that might cause pain.
Support and correct neck posture.
Provide firm comfortable support.

How to Use:
-- Put Air Neck Traction around neck, valve to the left, adjust the inflatable layers for correct shape/position and close with strap. First-time users should put it on in front of a mirror.
-- Make sure the position of the rubber cushion is correct. Fasten the inflation inflation/deflation valve before hand-pumping.
-- Hand-pump until you achieve the right traction angle and right amount of stretch/relief, as dictated by comfort or as prescribed by your doctor. Adjust right and left sides separately if needed. Adjustment is complete when comfort and relief of symptoms are attained. When optimal pressure is reached, close the ball valve.
-- The device can be used 2-3 times a day for a maximum of 20-30 minutes each time (but only 1-3 minutes for major traction).
-- After use, open the ball valve and loosen the deflation valve gradually, letting air out slowly. Do not squeeze the device.
-- Begin gently with minor and medium traction, and only 1-2 times a day, then move on to major traction if comfortable. Generally, one cycle of treatments is 10-20 days. Use at your own convenience while watching TV, working on computers, reading, traveling, reclining or relaxing, etc.

Package Include:
1x Neck Traction Pillow

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