Cats & Dogs Automatic Pet Feeder / Drinking Water Fountains Dispenser

Style: Feeder
Size: 3.5L
Sale price$14.46


Green and environmentally friendly plastics, reaching the level of human food and plastics. The chassis is removable and washable, and the bottom has a non-slip mat design.
The design is very user-friendly! Especially suitable for working people or single pet owners, even if they work late to work late, don't worry that the baby will go hungry or have no water at home alone.
The imported PP resin is non-toxic, tasteless and of good quality.
This product has an anti-over-braking device, which can control the pet's food consumption without pollution.

3.5 liters: bottom length 32cm* bottom width 17.5cm* height 30.5cm
11 liters: bottom length 46cm* bottom width 26.5cm height 44.5cm
Scope of application: cats, dogs
Size: As the piceture shows

Package Content:
1 x Feeder or 1 x Water Feeder

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